Although we had some warmer days over September, the autumn is now definitely here for real, and it feels colder. It's a beautiful time of year, with the trees changing colour. Sometimes it may seem pointless raking, when the wind blows even more leaves onto the lawn, but just think of all the lovely leafmould you can make! It's also time to start preparing for early frosts.

  1 Divide established rhubarb crowns to create new plants

  2 Cut back perennials that have died down

  3 Divide herbaceous perennials

  4 Move tender plants, including aquatic ones, into a greenhouse or conservatory

  5 Plant out spring cabbages

  6 Harvest apples, pears, grapes and nuts

  7 Prune climbing roses

  8 Finish collecting seeds from the garden to sow next year

  9 Last chance to mow lawns and trim hedges in mild areas

 10 Renovate old lawns or create new grass areas by laying turf

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The autumn chill sets in

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