1.  Subject to the conditions set out below, a discount of 10% will be awarded on goods purchased at Secretts Garden Centre as follows: Gifts, Tools, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Bulbs and Seeds,      Houseplants, Outdoor Plants, Hard Landscaping Materials, Furniture and Barbecues, Pet Care, Confectionery and Sundries. The scheme includes promotional items.

     N.B the following categories are exempt discount:

      (a)  All goods purchased from the Secrett Rendezvous Coffee Shop, Garden Buildings, Gas, Royal Mail Stamps, Secretts and other Gift Tokens and  Devonshire Craft House Signs

   .  (b)  Purchases at Secretts Farm Shop, Secretts Flower Shop, Secretts Pick Your Own, Secretts Mail Order.

2.  Secretts Garden Centre reserves the right from time to time to withdraw discount on selected items where the application of discount would result in a net loss of cash for the Company.

     The Current Membership Card must be shown to the cashier before the goods are rung up on the till.

3.  No discount will be given unless a current membership card is produced.  The card must bear the customer’s signature.  Secretts Garden Centre staff will check the identity of the cardholder      against the signature on the purchase slip.  If a card is unsigned the till operator may ask the card-holder to sign somewhere on the card before the transaction is completed.  If the signature on the      card does not match that on the purchase slip, Secretts Garden Centre reserves the right to retain the card for the purposes of investigating the matter with the person who applied for the discount.

4.  The card shown must belong to the person who applied for it and be recognised by Secretts Garden Centre and to a person for whom discount has been approved for the current year.

5.  The qualification of each individual club for the discount scheme is subject to annual review.  Secretts Garden Centre reserves the right to terminate the discount of a particular customer to the      scheme at any time if it deems that terms and conditions have been subject to abuse.

6.  Secretts Garden Centre reserves the right to withdraw the scheme if it feels that it is failing to meet with its own business objectives.

      Last Reviewed 2nd March 2007