LDGC Annual Flower and Produce Show

SECTION B - VEGETABLES - advice from Barry Newman FNVS

Collection of vegetables: 4 kinds (types & numbers as for other classes)

Potatoes, 3 of the same cultivar, medium (optimum size 200gm)

Beans, French/Climbing (other than runner), 8

Beans, Runner, 8

Onions, no bulb to exceed 250gm, 3

Garlic, 3 bulbs

Peas, including sugar snap or mange tout, 6 of the same cultivar, with stalks

Carrots, 4

Beetroot, globe, 3

Shallots, 8 of the same cultivar

Courgettes, approximately 150mm in length, 3

Cucumbers, 2

Lettuce, any cultivar, 1

Tomatoes, small fruited and cherry cultivars (less than 35mm), 7

Tomatoes, 5 of the same cultivar, medium (approximately 60mm diameter)

Radishes, 6 with stalks

Any other vegetable not listed above

Longest runner bean

Collection of culinary herbs, 5 kinds, fresh cut, 1 container